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PAUSE: "Matilda's Law"

On Friday March 20, 2020, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that New York State will be going under PAUSE, which stands for Policies that Assure Uniform Safety for Everyone.

  • PAUSE places more restrictions on the entirety of the state population, there are different regulations for the vulnerable and non-vulnerable populations of the state.

  • Vulnerable Populations cover those who are 70 years of age or older, this population also includes those with compromised immune systems. PAUSE restrictions include these vulnerable populations remaining indoors, and only going outside for solitary exercise.

  • For the non-vulnerable population, all non-essential gatherings have been cancelled, any concentrations of individuals outside the home is prohibited unless essential. Individuals should also limit outdoor recreational activities to non-contact as well as limiting their use of public transportation unless absolutely necessary.

  • The Population must continue to practice social distancing by staying at least 6 feet away from others. Businesses that are essential must implement rules to make this possible.

PAUSE also suspends other parts of New York State law, to permit better response efforts to the Coronavirus. Those additional items include:

  • New York State on PAUSE: in New York we know that policies Assure Uniform safety for Everyone

  • Governor Cuomo will sign an Executive Order mandating that 100% of the workforce must stay home, excluding essential services. Exemptions from the order will include shipping, media, warehousing, grocery and food production, pharmacies, healthcare providers, utilities, banks and related financial institutions.

  • Enacting Matilda’s Law to protect New Yorkers age 70+ and those with compromised immune systems

    • Remain indoors

    • Can go outside for solitary exercise

    • Pre-screen all visitors by taking their temperature

    • Wear a mask in the company of others

    • Stay at least 6 feet from others

    • Do not take public transportation unless urgent and absolutely necessary

  • All barbershops, hair salons, tattoo or piercing salons, nail salons, hair removal services and related personal care services will be closed to the public effective Saturday, March 21, at 8:00PM

  • New York will implement a 90-day moratorium on evictions for residential and commercial tenants

  • Casinos, gyms, theaters, retail shopping malls, amusement parks and bowling alleys are closed until further notice. Bars and restaurants are closed, but takeout can be ordered during the period of closures.

  • Testing is free for all eligible New Yorkers as ordered by a health care provider.

  • Your local heath department is your community contact for COVID-19 concerns.

According Governor Cuomo “This is the most drastic action we can take, these provisions will be enforced. There will be civil fines mandatory closures for businesses that do not comply.”

  • PAUSE, “Matilda’s Law” went into effect Sunday Evening March 22, 2020.

Governor Cuomo added that this is not an “Shelter in place”

  • At the time of the conference, New York State has 7,102 cases of coronavirus, with 1,255 people hospitalized and 35 Deaths. 32,427 people have been tested so far. New York City has the most cases in the state with 4,408 cases.

  • Businesses that are unsure of their qualification under these guidelines, or which deem themselves essential but are not listed, may request an opinion that they are essential from the Empire State Development Corporation.

For assistance with policies on how to effectuate the workforce rule, appeals to the Empire State Development Corporation and continuing updates on this issue, please contact one of the attorneys here at the Law Offices of Pullano & Farrow. We too are addressing this situation as a non-essential business and have already started to comply with the Executive Order. Through our practical experience, we can help assist you and your business.

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