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The Law Offices of Pullano & Farrow offers a convenient and efficient process for our clients to pay their invoice and retainers online. Through a secure partnership with, payments may be made by credit or debit card, including MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express. 

To make a payment on an invoice or retainer, please use the buttons below. For additional questions regarding online payments, please contact our billing department at 585-730-4773 or by email at

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About our Fees

Of all the headaches that legal clients face, the uncertain cost of legal services stands as the most persistent - and most damaging. Too often, traditional law firms will nickel and dime their clients, offering only vague cost projections and complicated rate structures. At the end of a project, clients are hit with a bloated bill full of unexpected fees. The law firm will come out on top, but their clients end up feeling taken advantage of. This happens because some law firms reward their attorneys for dragging projects on with unnecessary work - and clients are the ones who foot the bill. The standard for legal services is the "billable hour", where clients pay for an attorney's time - but time doesn't necessarily provide any value to a client. In any other industry, this model would be unacceptable.

At Pullano & Farrow, we took our cues from outside of the law firm bubble. Instead of focusing on time, we focus on results. To us, fair and transparent pricing is much more important than squeezing every penny out of a client. From the beginning, our partners recognized that the basis of a successful legal representation is a positive relationship. This is why 90% of our clients end up using us for multiple matters - because they know they aren't just buying our time - they are hiring us to solve their legal issues.

In the interest of straightforward, transparent pricing, we strive to offer alternative & flat fee billing arrangements wherever possible, and in every area of law in which we practice. These arrangements provide spelled-out, predictable costs, allowing businesses to budget more effectively, and providing peace of mind in otherwise-stressful situations. Even in circumstances where billing by the hour is appropriate or necessary, we always strive to give accurate estimates, and make sure our clients understand the process and reasoning behind our costs. This model provides yet another incentive for us to be efficient - & we pride ourselves on offering consistently high-quality legal services through practice and dedication.

For more information, contact us - and never be surprised by an invoice again.

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