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Our Team

Our experience and knowledge have given our attorneys a reputation for success and maximum results. Meet our local Rochester attorneys and professional staff that assist in giving you a Different Client Experience. We look forward to speaking with you!


Patrick Pullano
Brett Farrow
Christian Valentino
Jason Livingston
Langston McFadden
Elizabeth Cordello
Jeffrey Albanese
Bridget Kehm
Mallory Smith
Delaney Glaze
Joseph Laure
Britt Patton
Jordan Website
Sarah Associate Website
Meghan McGovern Associate
Jacob Balamut

Professional Staff

James Trombino
Sarah Wegener
Virginia Sandberg
JenniferWiseAmpersand NEW
Nicholas Spinelli
Tamara Roberts
Kelli title
Brenda Reed
Nicole Harris
Kimberly Ackles
carney icon
Janina Mazzeo
Kathy Pakusch
Robyn web icon
Jacob Boone
Ron Paralegal
Linda Culhane
Jane P&F
Chacora Abrams
Elizabeth Parrotte
Celeste P&F
Dorene P&F
Sheyla AfreNEW


"Pullano & Farrow has been a great help! Their Law Practice offers many areas of expertise. I highly recommend their office and services!"

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