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The Sports & Entertainment group at Pullano & Farrow represent the interests of clients in the dynamic world of sports and entertainment. With a strong foundation in fundamental corporate law, our attorneys draw from their experience in the sports and entertainment industries with each matter they take on. 

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At Pullano & Farrow, we represent professional and amateur sports organizations, individual athletes or entertainers, educational institutions, performing artists, broadcast companies, film makers, social media influencers, e-sports athletes, coaches, and other sports figures and entertainers. Our attorneys also actively collaborate with our client’s related advisors, such as their accountants, agents, financial advisors, managers, and trainers to give a rounded approach to representation.

Our attorneys represent clients on a variety of sports and entertainment legal matters, including but not limited to: 

  • Commercial Contracts 

  • Privacy Law 

  • College and Amateur Sports Law 

  • Title IX

  • Intellectual Property 

  • Sports Injury Litigation 

  • Defamation 

  • Stadium and Arena Negotiations 

  • Development of New Sports Leagues 

  • Labor & Employment 

  • Insurance Coverage 

  • Athlete and Entertainer Specific Estate Planning 

  • Right of Publicity 

  • Agreements

    • Individual Player or Entertainment Contracts​

    • Promotions Sponsorship Agreements

    • Professional League Collective Bargaining Agreements

    • Licensing Agreements

    • Influencer Agreements

    • Streaming Agreements

    • Platform Exclusivity Agreements

To speak to an attorney regarding Sports & Entertainment Law, please contact our offices at 585-730-4773

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