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USPTO Update: New Deadline to Respond to Office Actions for Applications

Beginning on December 3, 2022, trademark applicants will have three (3) months to respond to office actions issued during the examination of a trademark application at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”).

The new response period applies to the following: (1) Use in Commerce section 1 (a); (2) Intent to Use section 1(b); (3) Foreign Application section 44(e); and (4) Foreign Application section 44(d). The new response period will not apply to Madrid Protocol section 66(a) or post-registration office actions. Though details are not yet confirmed, the USPTO currently plans to change the post-registration response period in 2023.

To file a response with USPTO you must file by the deadline. The issue date listed on the office action triggers the three-month deadline. Meeting the response deadline is imperative to protecting your brand. If you fail to meet the response deadline, your trademark application will be abandoned. Once your application has been abandoned, the USPTO will no longer process your application. If you require additional time, you may request a single three-month extension for a $125 fee. Nevertheless, the request for additional time must be submitted by the initial deadline.

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USPTO Update- New Deadline to Respond to Office Actions for Applications
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