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New Alcohol Permits for Caterers

On December 16, 2022, Governor Hochul signed Senate Bill S.9049 which updates the Alcoholic Beverage Control Law. This bill authorizes New York State to grant eligible catering businesses a license to serve liquor off-site at weddings, banquets or other events. Effective immediately, these eligible catering businesses can now apply for an off-premises catering license without meeting bulky facility requirements to benefit caterers and small businesses.

Previously, caterers were required to have a facility with a kitchen and a dining or banquet hall with the ability to serve and seat at least 50 people to serve alcoholic beverages at an off-site location where an event is taking place. Caterers that did not meet the facility requirements previously had to apply for a temporary permit that would only allow them to serve beer, wine and cider at each individual event.

Further, the Off-Premises Catering Establishment annual licensing fee is two-thirds the cost of the license fees for selling alcohol that is intended to be consumed on the premises. Seasonal licenses may be issued, and the fees will be pro-rated for the period that the license is effective.

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New Alcohol Permits for Caterers
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