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Driver License and Vehicle Registration Deadlines During the COVID-19 Pandemic

“License and registration, please!” Anybody who has been pulled over by the police for an alleged traffic violation has likely heard that command before (at least most officers say “please”). Many people wait until the “last minute” to renew their New York State driver’s license or their vehicle registration. Now, with the current COVID-19 crisis occurring, many people are sitting at home with plenty of time on their hands, walking around from room-to-room, organizing. During this daily process, some people will clean out their wallet or possibly even their vehicle’s glove compartment and suddenly realize that their New York State driver’s license and/or vehicle registration is set to expire in the next coming weeks; or, even worse, expired sometime in the last three weeks. Panic sets in. “Is the DMV even open? I don’t want to get a ticket!!!!” Well, New York State has got you covered.

Following Governor Cuomo’s Executive Order 202.8, the period of validity and expiration of New York State driver’s licenses and vehicle registrations (whether it is for a motor vehicle, a trailer, a motorcycle, a snowmobile, a vessel, a limited use vehicle, or an all-terrain vehicle) and license plate registrations set to expire on or after March 1, 2020 is extended until April 19, 2020.

Given the above, people whose driver’s licenses and vehicle registrations have expired in the month of March or is set to expire over the next several weeks can let out a sigh of relief. New York State has provided you with some temporary relief. It is recommended that these people with expired or expiring licenses or registrations get online and work through the New York State Department of Motor Vehicle website ( and follow the directions to renew these very important New York State documents before the new deadline of April 19, 2020.

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