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COVID-19: Update from the Governor’s Office

On Tuesday, March 24, 2020 Governor Andrew Cuomo briefed the state on COVID-19 Situation at which time he announced the following:

  • The distribution of medical supplies and equipment to hospitals across New York City, Long Island and Westchester to help Frontline healthcare workers combat COVID-19. Today 339,760 N-95 Masks, 861,700 surgical masks, 353,300 gloves, 145,122 gowns and 197,085 face shields are being deployed from the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center.

  • The rest of New York State will receive 118,916 N-95 masks, 301,595 surgical masks, 123,735 gloves, 50,793 gowns and 27,485 face shields.

Acknowledging the help needed from the Federal Government, Governor Cuomo stated:

"The State cannot do this alone, and the blunt truth is we need more ventilators and healthcare equipment fast, and we need the federal government to actually use the Defense Production Act to get private manufacturers to help build this critical equipment. I'm not asking the federal government to help New York just to help New York — I'm asking for everyone. New York is the first — if we learn how to blunt the impact here and bend the curve here, we can help other states who are next. Let's learn how to act as one nation."

As of March 24, 2020, The Governor confirmed 4,790 additional cases of novel coronavirus, bringing the statewide total to 25,665 confirmed cases in New York State.

  • Monroe County (Rochester) has 96 total positive tests and 20 new cases.

  • Wayne County has 6 total case and 0 new cases

  • Ontario County has 7 total cases and 1 new case

  • Erie County (Buffalo) has 107 total cases and 20 new cases

  • Onondaga County (Syracuse) has 60 total cases and 8 new cases

  • NYC has 14,904 total cases and 2,599 new cases

  • Westchester has 3,891 total cases and 997 new cases

What You Need to Know

  • New York State is still on PAUSE: 100% of the workforce must stay home, excluding essential services.

  • Critically needed supplies are being distributed from the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center to Hospitals in need across the State, in New York City, Long Island and Westchester in consultation with the Greater New York Hospital Association and the Healthcare Association of New York State.

  • All non-essential gatherings of individuals of any size of any reason are temporarily banned.

  • The FDA approved the use of a new experimental drug in New York on a compassionate care basis to help treat patients with COVID-19.

  • Department of Motor Vehicles offices are temporarily closed for in-office visits. Online transactions, including for license renewals, are still be available. License and permit expirations will be extended.

  • Enacting Matilda’s Law to protect New Yorkers age 70+ and those with compromised immune systems

o Remain indoors

o Can go outside for solitary exercise

o Pre-screen all visitors by taking their temperature

o Wear a mask in the company of others

o Stay at least 6 feet from others

o Do not take public transportation unless urgent and absolutely necessary

  • All non-essential businesses statewide must close in-office personnel functions until further notice as part of New York State on PAUSE. Bars and restaurants are closed, but takeout can be ordered during the period of closure.

  • Testing is free for all eligible New Yorkers as ordered by a health care provider.

  • You can contact your local health department is your community contact for COVID-19 concerns:

Michael D. Mendoza, MD, MPH, MS

111 Westfall Road

Room 952

Rochester, New York 14620


For assistance with policies on how to effectuate these fast evolving workforce rules, appeals to the Empire State Development Corporation and continuing updates on this issue, please contact one of the attorneys here at the Law Offices of Pullano & Farrow, at (585) 730-4773. Please note that any embedded links to other documents may expire in the future.


This Legal Briefing is intended for general informational and educational purposes only and should not be considered legal advice or counsel. The substance of this Legal Briefing is not intended to cover all legal issues or developments regarding the matter. Please consult with an attorney to ascertain how these new developments may relate to you or your business. © 2020 Law Offices of Pullano & Farrow PLLC

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