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Automated External Defibrillator Requirements for Camps and Youth Sports Programs: 2024 Chapter Amendments

Our office previously released a Video Legal Briefing on December 12, 2023 discussing the new legislation which requires certain camps and youth sports programs in New York to establish an automated external defibrillator implementation plan.

Here is a link to the previous Video Legal Briefing:

As noted in the previous Video Legal Briefing, accompanying the new law was an approval memorandum from the Governor where she noted that the bill as drafted required modifications to address technical and fiscal concerns. As a result of these concerns, the Governor had reached an agreement with the Legislature to enact some forthcoming changes.

On January 26, 2024, Governor Hochul did sign a new bill into law containing those changes. The new revisions accomplish the following:

(a) The changes revise the definition of applicable camps and youth sports programs to include ones that either host or participate in games, matches, tournaments, leagues, or similar activities in which at least 5 teams are participating;

(b) The required implementation plan no longer needs to be automatically submitted to the Department of Health;

(c) The required implementation plan must describe how the camp or youth sports program will make available an automated external defibrillator “or describe reasonable access to an automated external defibrillator”;

(d) The camp or youth sports program only needs to use “best efforts” to ensure there is at least 1 employee or other qualified individual present at such camp, game, and practice who has been appropriately trained;

(e) Each camp and youth sports program must maintain records that they possess at least 1 automated external defibrillator; and

(f) The required implementation plans can include “automated external defibrillator access provided by athletic facilities, playing fields or site for games or practices where the operator of the facility provides automated external defibrillator access at their location.”

These changes in the law take effect on the same date as the original law (November 24, 2023).

Our firm has extensive experience counseling clients on statutory and regulatory requirements, as well as preparing and implementing applicable policies. If you have any questions related to this Legal Briefing, please contact any member of our firm at 585-730- 4773.

Automated External Defibrillator Requirements for Camps and Youth Sports Programs
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