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Manager and Worker

Why Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Matters

P&F Litigation attorney, Langston McFadden, will be presenting at the New Jersey American Water Works Association's Annual Conference on the topic of "Why Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Matters". For more information on this event, please visit the button below.

March 2022


In a Meeting

Mini Law School for New York HR Professionals

P&F's Labor & Employment attorney, Elizabeth Cordello, presented a CLE with the National Business Institute (NBI). For her segment, Elizabeth discussed how businesses can stay compliant with the National Labor Relations Board. For more information, click the link below.

March 2022


An Overview of the Federal and NY State Vaccine Mandates: Critical Updates & Considerations for Employers

In our latest webinar, attorneys Elizabeth Cordello, Esq. and Patrick Pullano, Esq., discussed the Federal and New York State's recent vaccine mandates for employers.

November 2021

Signing a Contract

Essential Truths of Estate Planning

In this episode of MoneyTalks, P&F's Christian Valentino serves as a guest speaker. In this podcast, Christian reviews several important considerations when developing an estate plan.

August 2021

Modern Office

Local employers hesitate to impose vaccine mandates due to worker shortages

Recently in an interview with WXXI News, P&F's Elizabeth Cordello discussed the benefits and drawbacks of imposing mandatory vaccine in the workplace, noting the current labor shortages.

July 2021

Film Set

The Laws That Run The Silver Screen

P&F's Joseph D'Angelo served as a guest on a Screen Binge segment. In this interview, Joseph reviews the general legal considerations for individuals and businesses working within the entertainment industry.

July 2021

Business Office

Discussing New York's Hero Act

P&F Labor & Employment attorney, Elizabeth Cordello, was a guest speaker on a WXXI Connections broadcast. In this recording, Elizabeth discusses New York's Hero Act and it's impact on employers.

May 2021


Legal Considerations When Starting a Small Business

Corporate attorney, Brett Farrow served as a guest speaker for SCORE of Greater Rochester's webinar. In this presentation, Mr. Farrow discusses the rules, requirements, costs, advantages, and disadvantages in selecting an entity type for operating a business.

March 2021

Recording Studio

30 Minute Money Podcast: Why Every Parent Needs a Will, and Other Estate Issues

The head of P&F’s Trusts & Estates Department, Jason Livingston, Esq., was recently a guest on the “30 Minute Money” podcast, where he discussed the importance of creating and updating estate planning documents for you and your family.

The full podcast can be listened to below.

February 2022

dog running with toy

Paws to Plan: Estate Planning for You and Your Pet

P&F's Jason Livingston presented a seminar on Pet Trusts, in partnership with Lollypop Farm. 

September 2021

Business Meeting

How to File for Your LLC

Pullano & Farrow's Aaradhana Tomar partnered with the Central Library of Rochester for a free webinar on business law. In this webinar, Aaradhana will walk through the process of filing for a limited liability corporation.

August 2021


Budding Issues in New York State Employment Law

On March 31, 2021, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act (MRTA) into law. This law provides protection to individuals over the age of 21 for the legal consumption of recreational marijuana.

July 2021


Wills & Estate Planning 101: What Every Person Should Know When Thinking About Estate Planning

Through a webinar series with the Aquinas Institute of Rochester, P&F's Christian Valentino served as a panelist on a webinar regarding wills and estate planning.

June 2021


Legal Structures for Your Business

P&F's Daniel Christian was recently a guest on SCORE of Greater Rochester for their podcast series, "Re-thinking Business: Success Sauce and 2 Pickles".

April 2021


Selecting a Legal Entity Structure

P&F Corporate attorney, Michael Gionta, was a guest on the Rochester Public Library's "Business First Wednesday" series. In this presentation, Michael discusses the various types of legal structures along with other considerations when starting a business.

March 2021

Business Meeting

Mergers & Acquisitions: An A-Z Guide

Join P&F's Aaradhana Tomar for a CLE with the National Business Institute. Details and registration can be found below.

November 2021


Discussing President Biden's vaccine mandate

P&F's Elizabeth Cordello was recently a guest on Connections with Evan Dawson. In this program, Elizabeth discusses President Biden's recent vaccine mandate for large employers. 

September 2021

Office Workspace

What does the law say about who can mandate proof of vaccination?

P&F's Elizabeth Cordello was recently a guest on Connections with Evan Dawson. In this program, Elizabeth offers insight onto whether employers may require proof of vaccination within the workplace.

August 2021


Labor & Employment Law

P&F's Elizabeth Cordello served as a panelist on the Rochester Business Journal's Webinar Series on Labor & Employment Law. 

July 2021

People Working in Open Office

The HERO Act: Preparing NY Employers for New Mandated Workplace Safety Standards

In early May 2021, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, signed the “HERO Act”, which mandates extensive new workplace health and safety protections required for all private sector employers. 

June 2021

AdobeStock_398021789 (2).jpeg

The Cure to Your Questions About Vaccines: A Q&A Session on Workplace Vaccinations

In our latest webinar, our attorneys discussed the legal issues regarding vaccinations in the workplace.

January 2021

AdobeStock_391284437 (1).jpeg

Discussing Workplace Debates about COVID-19 Vaccines

P&F Labor & Employment attorney, Elizabeth Cordello, was a guest speaker on a WXXI Connections podcast with Evan Dawson. In this recording, Elizabeth and several other attorneys discuss COVID-19 vaccines as it pertains to the workplace.

January 2021

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