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Young Adults Package

You've been at their side since they were young. Ensure you can still be there whenever they need you by having them execute vital legal documents tailored to young adults.

About The Package

At the Law Offices of Pullano & Farrow, our estate planning attorneys have decades of experience working with clients of all ages to plan accordingly for their futures. That's why we offer the Young Adult Package, which gives parents and their young adults peace of mind as they move onto the next chapter of their lives.

At the age of 18, a child is considered an adult in the eyes of the law. This means that for a parent or guardian, they lose control over some of the child's decisions and records. Having the proper documentation in place prepares parents and their young adults for the unexpected once they leave home.

HIPAA Authorization

Authorizes parents or guardians to access health records and information as it pertains to the young adult.

Durable Power of Attorney

Authorizes parents or guardians to pay bills, access financial information, and make financial decisions for the young adult.

Health Care Proxy

Authorizes parents or guardians the ability to make medical decisions on behalf of the young adult if the young adult is unable to do so.

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