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Physician Assistants in New York: 2024 Budget Developments

Governor Hochul in New York released her proposed Executive Budget in mid-January, 2024 and her Health bill contains a significant new proposal involving the scope of practice of physician assistants in New York.   In particular, the proposal establishes conditions under which a physician assistant can practice without the supervision of a physician.  The proposed conditions are as follows:

(1)  The physician assistant practices for more than 8,000 hours, and:

a.  Is practicing in primary care (non-surgical care); or

b. Is employed by a health system or hospital established under Article 28 of the New York Public Health Law, and the health system or hospital determines that the physician assistant meets the qualifications of the staff bylaws and the physician assistant obtains privileges, and:

(2)  The physician assistant completes a program approved by the Department of Health.

This proposal would also eliminate the restrictions on a physician employing or supervising more than 4 physician assistants in his/her private practice.

Additionally, the proposal would permit a physician assistant to prescribe, dispense, order, administer, or procure items needed to commence or complete a course of therapy.

Furthermore, a physician assistant could prescribe and order a patient specific order or non-patient specific regimen to a pharmacist or registered professional nurse for purposes of administering immunizations.

This proposal is subject to further budget negotiations during the current legislative session.

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Physicians Assistants in New York 2024 Budget Developments
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