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OSHA Compliance

Workplace safety is highly regulated by the federal government. In order to protect your employees, as well as your business, it is essential to develop workplace policies and safeguards in order to avoid accidents or violations. Under federal law, government agencies routinely conduct safety and health inspections, which may take the form of policy audits or plant and operation tours.

Our Labor & Employment attorneys represent our clients in regard to safety inspections, investigations, and enforcement actions performed by the federal government. We provide our clients with experienced and practical advice on health and safety regulations such as exposure, recordkeeping, toxic substances, hazard communication, noise, and confined space.

When we handle our client’s OSHA matters, we ensure we take proactive, practical, and preventative strategies towards compliance. Within our OSHA consulting framework, we will:
• Review of workplace safety, recordkeeping habits, and safety training programs
• Handle OSHA litigation
• Handle OSHA reporting compliance
• Defend against retaliation and whistleblowing complaints
• Qualify your organization for voluntary protection programs
• Represent for OSHA investigations and inspections

At the Law Offices of Pullano & Farrow, our team has decades of combined experience in handling OSHA compliance and litigation. We’ve counseled OSHA cases in a variety of industries such as manufacturing, health care, construction, and engineering. Our goal is for your organization to maintain safety and avoid penalties before they arise. To speak to our legal team, please contact our Rochester law firm at 585-730-4773.

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