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Our office provides mediation services to facilitate resolutions of employment disputes. Mediates are a cost-effective solution to avoiding costly and time-consuming litigation.

At the Law Offices of Pullano & Farrow, we have spacious conference rooms to host mediations and negotiations. Whether your case is between two parties, or multiple parties, we can accommodate your needs. Likewise, we can also perform negotiations virtually through teleconferencing technology, such as Zoom and Teams. In addition to our employment mediation and negotiation work, our attorneys have experience in mediation for real estate disputes, construction disputes, commercial litigation, and personal injury cases.

A skilled mediator can make your negotiation more effective and help bridge the gap of communication. Our team has many years of experience in mediating, arbitrating, and negotiating disputes for our clients and their opposing parties. To speak to our legal team, please contact our team of negotiators and mediators at 585-730-4773.

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