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Federal and State Department of Labor Audits

All companies are susceptible to Federal and State Department of Labor audits. These routine and random audits can be overwhelming and confusing to business owners and managers. Companies must be prepared with appropriate documentation prior to these audits. Partnering with a Labor & Employment attorney will help ease the process and prepare you for upcoming audits.

At Pullano & Farrow, our attorneys work in highly regulated industries that encounter DOL or other agency audits frequently. Our team assists in navigating these audits through internal investigations, response strategies, and issuing measures to remain in compliance. A comprehensive federal and state audit may consist of the following:
• Hiring, Discipline, and Termination Practices/Policies/Procedures
• Record Keeping
• Training Programs
• Employment Contracts
• Handbooks and Policies
• Wage and Hour Compliance
• Pay Equity

If your firm is handling an audit or would like to prepare for a future audit, please contact our Labor & Employment attorneys at the Law Offices of Pullano & Farrow, at 585-730-4773.

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