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Workforce Diversity, Harassment, and Discrimination Trainings

Our experienced Labor & Employment attorneys will make it easy for your organization to satisfy legal requirements for your workforce, including trainings, employment policies, and employee handbooks. For trainings, we offer a variety of flexible plans to fit your organizational structure and budget. This may include:
• Onsite or Webinar-Based Trainings
• HR Personnel Trainings
• Small Business Group Seminars

Sexual Harassment Prevention Trainings

New York State has mandated that all employers conduct annual anti-sexual harassment training for their employees. Done on a yearly basis, the training must include relevant information and an interactive learning activity.
Sexual harassment occurs in several forms, including gestures, images, advances, jokes, comments, assault, and non-consensual touching. Not only are these trainings mandated, your organization must also institute an anti-sexual harassment policy.

Anti-Discrimination Trainings

Under the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and related state laws, workplace discrimination is illegal and can pose significant liability for your organization. Discrimination can be defined as biased employment decisions that are made based on an employee’s protected class. Some examples of these actions may include, but are not limited to, hiring, promotions, employee benefits, pre-employment inquiries, termination, discipline, and nature of assignments.
Ensuring your management and staff do not discriminate is imperative, as discrimination lawsuits are timely and expensive. At P&F, our Labor & Employment attorneys can develop workplace policies, strategies, and trainings to instill preventative discrimination measures.

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