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Trainer: Elizabeth Cordello, Esq.


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Assessment Quiz

This quiz will be automatically graded as you progress through it. The next question will appear once a correct answer has been selected. The quiz is not recorded until you submit it.

Part 1: Video Assessment

1. What innapropriate actions and comments did Kevin make towards Maria?
2. How would you describe Maria's response?
3. What other actions should Maria have taken against Kevin?

Part 2: General Assessment

4. Jeff has been working as an engineer for 3 years at his company. At a recent work function his boss Carla made inappropriate advances towards him, which he rebuffed. Next week, Jeff received a text message from Carla after hours telling him that if he did not give in to her demands he would never advance within the company. What type of sexual harassment is occuring and how should Jeff respond?
5. John, a male supervisor, was interviewing Linda for a promotion within the production department. John placed his hand on Linda’s thigh during the interview. When Linda verbally objected and pulled her thigh away, John said, “I guess you don’t really want this promotion?”. What message is John sending to Linda and how should Linda respond to this situation?
6. Molly is traffic controller for a construction company. She is assigned to work with a road construction crew. During breaks, her co-workers who are mostly men often make offensive sexual gestures, remarks and jokes which make Molly uncomfortable and distressed. Molly often has a hard time focusing on her job because of this behavior. Is there any illegal conduct taking place at Molly's job?
7. It is illegal to harass a female independent contractor by making offensive comments of a sexual nature about women.
8. It is illegal to harass a transgender male co-worker or covered non-employee by making offensive jokes about transgender people in general.
9. You cannot personally file a harassment complaint on behalf of another employee who was harassed.

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